Our Story

Let's start this story at the beginning. As lifelong entrepreneurs and small business owners, we have always searched for an easier way to drive sales and revenue with limited time and resources. In our previous business, we were crazy successful driving over 1000% growth through marketing automation, but we quickly became frustrated by the lack of affordable, intuitive and easy to use solutions on the market available to small business.

So we decided roll up our sleeves and invest our own heart, soul, and mind into building the ideal sales & marketing solution to help other small businesses grow their dream.

In 2012 Hatchbuck was, well..hatched , and of all places, T-REX, a technology incubator located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

Hatchbuck has now helped small businesses around the globe to fulfill their purpose every day. Chiropractors are healing more patients, insurance agents are keeping more customers safe under policies, and small business owners across numerous industries are automating their sales & marketing and finding more time for the things they love most.

Today, Hatchbuck is on a mission to help power the dreams of small business and gives back to entrepreneurs around the globe as part of our Givebuck and Incubator programs. If you are in St. Louis or just passing through, we invite you to come hang with us, grab a rueben from our team's favorite lunch spot: Pickles Deli, and check out the Trex incubator where the Hatchbuck story began.

Our Promises to You

  • 1 Price Lock-in Promise
    We guarantee simple pricing on our site and we will never jack up the price you pay for your plan during the term of your service, even if our price to new customers increases.
  • 2 Service Promise
    We love you. Yep we said it, which means we will earn your business every day by being friendly, knowledgeable and available to help when you need us most.
  • 3 Community Promise
    We wouldn't have success without you and your fellow entrepreneurs and small business. Hatchbuck will stay committed to giving back to small business and entrepreneurs around the globe that need a helping hand

Our Key Values

  • 1Be Yourself - We value the uniqueness of each individual. Our team is stronger when we leverage everyone's unique gifts and talents for the greater mission: To Help our customers grow.
  • 2Do the right thing - Do you need a 100 page policy handbook when it comes to how we should treat team members and valued clients? We don't think so, our motto is: "Do the Right thing"
  • 3Keep it simple - We are relentless about making life easier for our customers and our software the easiest to use on planet earth.
  • 4Work hard and have Fun - The best recipe for success is a healthy balance of dedication and laughter. We roll up the sleeves, smile a lot and celebrate.
  • 5Make a difference - We believe in the power of small business and are blessed to serve alongside our clients every day. Through our giving back programs we will strive to make an impact on small businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe to help them learn and grow.
Ben Xue Ben Xue
Product Manager
Eric Weiss Eric Weiss
Customer Service
Katie Saunders Katie Saunders
Hatchbuck Consultant
Claudiu Cioba Claudiu Cioba
Product Designer
Tegan Richardson Tegan Richardson
Sales Consultant
Jamie Miller Jamie Miller
Sales Consultant
Keely Bailey Keely Bailey
Social Media Manager
Jessica Lunk Jessica Lunk
Digital Marketing Manager
Lindsay Randazzo Lindsay Randazzo
Hatchbuck Consultant
Tricia O’Donnell Tricia O’Donnell
Business Development
Don Breckenridge Don Breckenridge
CEO & Co-Founder
Katie Culp Katie Culp
Hatchbuck Consultant
Nicci Anderson Nicci Anderson
Partner Success Manager
Matt Rhodes Matt Rhodes
Jonathan Herrick Jonathan Herrick
Erin Posey Erin Posey
Director of Customer Success
Lindsey Stroud Lindsey Stroud
Hatchbuck Consultant
Evin Fritschle Evin Fritschle
Project Manager
Sam Schirmer Sam Schirmer
Senior Technical Analyst

Our Advisors

Brian Mathews Brian Mathews
General Partner - Cultivation Capital
Judy Sindecuse Judy Sindecuse
CEO - Capital Innovators
Cliff Holekamp Cliff Holekamp
General Partner - Cultivation Capital

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