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Hatchbuck Helps Small Businesses...

Connect with Leads Online & More. Much More.

With built-in CRM and Marketing Automation, Hatchbuck makes it easy to connect with prospects and send relevant messages

Simple CRM

Track and manage all of your small business sales and marketing activities in one spot. Hatchbuck notifies you when important tasks are due and even sends you hot lead alerts when prospects are ready to buy.

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Simple Marketing Automation

Automating your marketing should be easy and personal. Thats why we created our Email Nurturing Engine that cultivates relationships with leads and customers and then brings them to you when they are ready to buy.

create online forms

Build Online Forms

Capture leads from your website, blog and social media using Hatchbuck's crazy simple drag and drop form builder.


Import Your Contacts

Grab all of your contacts from Outlook, Excel, or LinkedIn and shazam!, they are in Hatchbuck and you are off and growing.

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Tag, Segment and Target

tag segmentation

Tag Your Contacts

Automatically tag contacts with words and phrases that help you keep your database organized and your messages relevant. Hatchbuck's simple yet powerful filtering enables you to search your contacts and companies quickly and easily.

customer segments

Create Smarter Segments

With Hatchbuck you can easily segment contacts by helpful attributes such as status, demographics, or their unique needs and interests transforming your traditional email marketing efforts into a personalized email nurturing machine.

targeting leads

Send Targeted Communications

Hatchbuck automatically sends your segmented prospects and customers relevant and meaningful information based on their online behaviors and alerts when a sale is ready to happen. We call it personalized automation, our customers call it magic.


Visitor Webpage Tracking

With better insight into the pages your prospects visit, you'll be able to send more relevant and targeted messages. Website visitors can be tagged if they visit certain pages and added to specific campaigns, helping you stay in their mind.

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Engage Prospects With Relevant Follow-up

Nurture prospects with the right message to the right person at the right time

Easily Create Beautiful Emails

You don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to create beautiful & impactful emails that get opened and noticed . You’ll be a design pro with our drag and drop template builder or pre-built template library with over 450 templates optimized for mobile devices.

email templates



Save Time With Templates

Our pre-built templates let you to hit the ground running and put hours back into your day. Choose from pre-built HTML or text based templates designed to help you get the most from your sales and marketing efforts.

drip marketing campaign

Create Drip Marketing Campaigns

Setting up Email Nurturing campaigns are a snap in Hatchbuck. You can easily drip relevant content to sales leads and contacts that nurtures them throughout the entire buying process, saving you valuable time and skyrocketing response rates.

Grow Prospects into Customers

Work with leads that are ready to buy

tag scoring thermometer

Tag Scoring

Score contacts based on their behavior and trigger automated actions to keep the pipeline moving.

task management

Manage Tasks

Prioritize your day and stay on top of key to-do's with activity & task management tools.

sales deals

Track Your Pipeline

Your deal pipeline is easily accessible, giving you another sales tool to drive your business forward.

email integration


Email Integration

Automatically track email conversations back to Hatchbuck so you're never asking "where did I put that email?".

Integrate With Your Favorite Apps

Automatically connect with contacts

zapier partner integrations

Import New Contacts

Collecting contacts on the fly? We've got your safety net. Automatically add new contacts to Hatchbuck's CRM with a nifty Zapier zap. You'll never miss an opportunity to connect.

Trigger Campaigns

Keep your lead nurturing engine humming while you keep your eye on the prize. Automatically start campaigns for contacts you collect from your surveys, webinars, lead magnets, and more.

No Developer Needed

Hatchbuck integrates with user-friendly Zapier, connecting you to a host of your favorite apps. Set up triggers in a jiff. No need to to use costly development time.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Easy to Understand Reports

Get a 360 degree view of your sales and marketing performance. Make more informed decisions to help your business grow with the metrics you need most. Get daily snapshots of your sales and marketing activities courtesy of Hatchbuck. See how contacts are interacting with your marketing materials in the activity feed.

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Hello, Agency. Meet Hatchbuck.

A Smart Alternative for Your Smaller Clients

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Your Logo, Our Software

Look like a Rockstar to your clients and separate yourself from they pack of ordinary marketing shops with Hatchbuck’s re-branding options. Add your logo, add a vanity URL, and stamp your brand on the media and template library.

Become a Hatchbuck Partner

Add More Value to Your Clients

Extend Services

With Hatchbuck, your agency can boost its retainer business by delivering customized messaging to your diverse client set and new business prospects with an automated system that saves time and keeps employees focused on billable projects.

Partner Discounts

As an Agency Partner you’ll enjoy killer discounts on our simple pricing plans designed to maximize your ROI and give you an affordable alternative to the bloated and overpriced automation tools on the market today.


Your data is safe and secure with Hatchbuck sales and marketing software. Top of the line security features ensure customer and prospect details stay private.


Hatchbuck gives you flexibility to customize the platform based on your unique needs without losing the control you need protect your processes.

User Management

Easily adding or removing users in the admin portal is a snap, allowing you to manage your growth easily.
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