Smart salespeople use voicemail to their advantage by using them to strategically hook prospects and plant the seeds for a future conversation.

Here are templates for a number of scenarios that you can adapt to close more deals.

Script for Cold Calls

All you have is a contact name, number, and a hint that this person may need your services. Perhaps they’re a business that recently moved to the area. The following script may be useful:

Hi Jim. Congrats on the new location. Read about you and [insert company name] on your website. This is Jonathan from Jonathan’s Commercial Cleaning. I know how important a clean, functional office environment is for productivity. I’d love to chat with you about your company’s cleaning needs. I’ll try you again next week, but if you’d like to chat before then, give me a call anytime at 555-5555. That’s 555-5555. Have a good week.


  • Do your best to find the name and number of a decision-maker. Voicemails on a general line will likely be deleted by a receptionist.
  • Demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to learn a little about their company.
  • Quickly give one reason you pose value for them (i.e., providing a clean, functional office space) without turning this introductory voicemail into a sales pitch.
  • Indicate next steps clearly by letting them know what you’re looking for (i.e., a conversation about the office’s cleaning needs NOT a purchase just yet) and repeat your contact info so they can reach you.

Script For Recent E-Book Download

One great way to generate leads is to offer useful, gated e-products. People need to provide their name, job title or industry, and contact information to access the free e-book or white paper. Some of these are simply people who work in the industry while others are promising leads.

Hi Hasan. Hope you gained some valuable insights from Tech Co’s How to Optimize Your Insurance Sales Pipeline ebook. This is Melissa calling from Tech Co, and I’d love to chat with you about how your firm currently prospects leads and tell you a little more about Tech Co’s CRM. My number is 555-5555. You can also reach me at Hope to talk soon.


  • Start with the lead’s name and the value you already gave them before diving into who you are.
  • Make the future conversation about the lead, their business, and their business goals, especially if your product is directly tied to helping them meet their goals (like a good insurance CRM would be in this case).
  • Include your email and follow up that way as well. Some people prefer email communication to start.

Script for Responding to a Contact Form Inquiry

Let’s say someone finds your company online and can’t reach you because you’re closed. They may choose to use your site’s contact form. (You should check this regularly, so you don’t miss any leads.) If they include a number call them back, but send an email as well just in case that’s their preferred method of communication.

Hi Jessica. It’s Tim from Moore Marketing Agency replying to your email about SEO services. I’d love to get you set up a time to chat via phone or in-person about your SEO efforts and how we can help. Feel free to give me a call back at 555-5555 so we can connect. I’ll shoot you an email as well.


  • Know the purpose of the voicemail. In this case, Tim’s trying to get Jessica to book an appointment or stop by. He knows from the contact form that she has a specific need (servicing her brakes). This is why it’s important to include a question on your contact from that asks people to indicate what service they need.
  • Appeal to emotions. Tim appealed to both the value his company could offer (i.e., servicing brakes) and the emotional need his business could fulfill (i.e., a feeling of safety and security from brakes that work). In addition to appealing to emotions, Tim added a sense of urgency without being dramatic.
  • Include necessary information. Jessica doesn’t have to check the site to find out who to reach, how to reach them, or when to reach them. Tim left his name, number, and hours he could be reached all in the voicemail, making it as easy as possible for Jessica to listen and act.

Script for Upselling an Existing Customer or Alerting Them To a Promotion

Ignore current customers at your own peril. Recurring business is your best friend, so treat your existing customers right. If you cultivate the relationship (aka make them feel important and keep them happy), they’ll respond well to future sales calls.

Hi Tanya. It’s Marcus from Crunch Fitness. Your membership is up for renewal a month from today, and I wanted to tell you about an exclusive offer for our most loyal members. It includes free towel service and a free session once a month with a personal trainer in addition to the usual perks of membership. If you give me a call back at 555-5555, I’d be glad to tell you more about it or you can always stop by to chat with me next time you’re in. Have a great week.


  • Don’t spend too much of the call pitching. Give just enough information to tease the offer, but save the details for a face-t0-face meeting or actual call.
  • Emphasize the exclusivity of the offer and the loyalty of the customer. Marcus subtly hinted that Tanya’s different in a good way from other members without being over the top.
  • Avoid cringe-worthy, sales jargon or cliches. Telling a regular customer that they have to “Act now!” or filling their ear with buzzwords distances them and introduces an element of awkwardness to a genuine relationship they’ve built with your brand.

Leaving a voicemail may feel like a fail because you didn’t reach the prospect, but the best salespeople view it as an opportunity to start a conversation. That last bit is key. Chances are slim that you’ll convince someone to buy something in a lengthy, overly detailed voicemail. Keep your message short, clear, and to the point, so that you establish a rapport.