Like most small business owners, you are aware of what it is like to stand against the tide and take action by yourself when needed. Entrepreneurs learn how to be creative and take on adventures every day. You are the bottom line, responsible for driving your business and managing it at the same time. Because you are so busy, you may not be aware of all of the new developments in technology that can save you money and improve your ROI.

If you know your business well, then you are always searching for your unique niche to turn leads into sales. The advantage that a small business has over a large corporation is the opportunity to establish deeper relationships with customers. Small businesses learn to turn these customer relationships into sales opportunities and long-term partnerships. What you may not realize is that there is now very affordable customer relationship management (CRM) software available that can enhance what you are already doing. By adding this CRM software, you can increase your number of leads and improve your conversion rate. Ultimately, it boils down to putting more wind in your sails and reaching the finish line before your competition.

Benefits of CRM Software for Your Business

1. Manage Contacts

It is easy to lose track of contacts in any business. In a small business, budgets and manpower shortages intensify the problem. Prospective clients fall through the cracks because staff isn’t available to follow up in a timely manner or records get misplaced. CRM software can solve these issues for you. The software tracks all of the sales and marketing activities in one place and alerts you when you need to pay attention to a hot prospect. Fewer customers will lose interest because you will stay on top of them, and know when they are ready to buy.

2. Timely Follow Up

Following up in a timely manner is one of the best ways to stay in touch with prospects and turn existing customers into long-term purchasers. Unfortunately, following up too late is one of the biggest reasons that companies lose customers and fail to convert prospects. CRM software eliminates this problem. The software automates much of the follow-up with timely emails and reminders for your sales team.

3. Automation

With technology today, much of the sales and marketing tasks that used to be done by hand can be automated in a personalized manner. CRM software can take care of the majority of administrative tasks, keep records and make follow-up contacts for you. You have more time for the activities that have the most impact, running your business and meeting with clients that are ready to buy.

4. Convert More Leads from Email

Email delivers the highest marketing ROI of all communication channels, about $40 for each $1 invested. But do you know how to use your email communications effectively? CRM software can turn your emails into a conversion funnel creating more leads for your business by managing your email campaigns.

5. Get More for Your Money

In the end, it all comes down to money. Your marketing budget is limited and you need to make the most out of each dollar invested. CRM software will stretch your budget further and provide a better ROI. You will navigate past the competition at a higher profit margin.