You probably already know the basics of marketing automation. It automates. It streamlines. It monitors and manages routine marketing tasks. But a quality marketing automation solution is capable of doing much more than just making the lives of the marketing team easier. It should also help you close more deals. Here are a few ways you can leverage marketing automation to increase your sales and improve your bottom line.

Prioritize hot leads.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a salesperson than having to dig through piles and piles of unqualified leads just to find someone who’s ready and willing to buy. Not only is this a waste of time, but it’s also a poor allocation of resources, which means it’s costing your business money. The right marketing automation platform should be able to identify and alert the sales team of hot leads so they can focus their efforts where they will produce the best results.

Keep your business top of mind.

Life would be infinitely easier if every prospect was ready to convert on the first interaction. In reality, it can take multiple “touches” to guide a lead from interested to ready to buy. That means an investment of time that is precious to your sales and marketing teams. With marketing automation, a good portion of those “touches” can be handled automatically, such as through drip email campaigns. This will nurture relationships and keep your brand top of mind so when they’re ready to buy, it’s you they’ll call.

Deliver personalized experiences.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, today’s consumers are demanding more personalized customer experiences than ever before. Marketing automation software is designed to help you pinpoint your contacts’ preferences so you can tailor your messages and campaigns to more closely match their needs and desires. For instance, you can use website tracking to determine which pages on your site a prospect has visited so that when it’s time for sales to follow up, they can deliver much more targeted and therefore effective communications.

Optimize sales efforts.

The key to successfully converting leads into loyal, paying customers is building and strengthening relationships. But it’s tough to do this when you’ve got a dozen or more other things on your plate. Because automation shifts much of the menial, day-to-day tasks from human to machine, your sales team will be freed up to build more high-quality relationships with prospects and customers without the need to increase staff numbers. So, your sales go up while your staffing expenditure stays lean.

Better, data-driven decision making.

One of the nicest features of marketing automation is the ability to gather detailed analytical data. This information enables managers to make better decisions on how to focus their efforts and their budgets. And statistics show that companies that use a data-driven approach are better at engaging customers, enjoy higher revenue numbers and have a distinct competitive advantage. Most importantly, when your team knows exactly where to focus for the highest ROI, the results will be higher sales.

Marketing automation is an excellent tool for your marketing team, but it can also be highly valuable to your sales department as well. By streamlining and optimizing the process of gathering, scoring and prioritizing leads, your business will be able to consistently deliver higher conversions and generate more revenue.