The marketing seas are filled with tools that can help you with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). These tools store your contacts but can leave a hole in your boat when it comes to helping you market your business effectively. There are some very good reasons to integrate your CRM with marketing automation, especially an all-in-one marketing automation system. Here are nine of them.

  1. There is less chance you will miss a prospect. Marketing automation gathers and sorts inquiries. Rather than missing an inquiry from a prospect, they can immediately be sent a relevant reply. The reply can be much more targeted than a generic “we’ll get back with you” message. You can immediately grab their attention with your responsiveness and it can all be done automatically.
  2. There is less chance you will lose a prospect. Without automating your CRM, there is a good chance you can lose prospects along the way. They can slip through the cracks or may not be getting appropriate follow-up. Using marketing automation keeps you in contact with prospects until they decide they are no longer a prospect or until they become a customer.
  3. It makes you more effective. Small business entrepreneurs are required to be jack of all trades. They are the ship’s captain but they may have to occasionally swab the deck or grab an oar. By automating your CRM, you are able to spend more of your time doing what you like to do and the things you are probably good at.
  4. It makes your company more cost effective. All in one marketing software like Hatchbuck is affordable for even the smallest of companies. These are exactly the companies that need to be efficient and effective with their resources. With affordable pricing available in packages to meet the needs of any size business, marketing automation makes the most of your financial and human resources.
  5. Automation tracks your efforts. When properly used, marketing automation tracks your marketing efforts. Of course you will still want to do A|B testing to hone in on tactics that work best for you, but automation can give you the valuable feedback you need. Automation marketing software allows you to track your marketing and helps you make more informed decisions.
  6. It provides a strategic, simpler way to turn prospects into clients. Marketing automation uses a specific strategy to turn inquiries into prospects, and prospects into customers. You can even be notified when a prospect is hot and ready to buy. It delivers a  consistent and repeatable process to drive sales month after month..
  7. It helps you make best use of all your online marketing efforts. When you integrate your CRM with marketing automation, you combine your email contacts, website visitors and social media efforts into one manageable system. There is no need to bounce between platforms or a variety of different software programs.
  8. It can immediately help make you more competitive with larger companies. There are few things you can do that will have more impact on how you compete than automating your CRM. It reins in all segments of your prospects and provides a systematic flow of prospects and clients.
  9.  Your competitors may be considering doing it. One of the best reasons to automate your CRM is that your competitors may be considering it. By automating your CRM now, you will stay ahead of the competition or at least compete more effectively against them. Smart, successful companies are always in search of better ways to do things. When it comes to CRM, automation is a better way.

The market may be full of CRM and marketing programs but the key to making the right catch is leveraging the power of sales and marketing automation together. To learn more about integrating your CRM and marketing automation needs talk to one of the experts at Hatchbuck or schedule a live online demo.