Happy Friday to those of you who are taking a couple of days to wind down and to those who will be working through the weekend! Here are our favorite small business articles for the week… Enjoy!

1. What Honeybees Can Teach Marketers by Don Peppers

Love Pepper’s comparison here! He describes how customer and social interaction are always increasing and how this affects marketers.



2. Why Troublemaker Kids Make Great Entrepreneurs by Jeanette Mulvey

Mulvey expands on some interesting data from a Swedish study that showed that many children who became entrepreneurs (over a 40 year period) were often the ones who got into trouble as kids.



3.  Andy’s Answers: 3 ways to use social media to wow your fans and customers by Andy Sernovitz

Social media can be your best customer service rep if you use it correctly! Check out Sernovitz’s recommendations here: