It’s Friday which means we have our weekly roundup of must-read small business articles to share.

Enjoy and happy Friday!


1. “6 Ways to Keep Entrepreneurship Alive in Your Company” by John Oringer

Your small business needs to keep that entrepreneurship attitude! Here are some tips on how to keep that vibe alive in your small business.


2. “8 Ways to Win at Marketing by Being Useful” by Jay Baer

Baer gives some great marketing tips. His advice is on how to be useful is, well, useful! Any small business should follow his advice. When you are useful to your leads, prospects and customers, they respect you and want to give you their business.


3.  Big Presentation 5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid by Eric V. Holtzclaw

Giving a big presentation or pitch? Avoid these mistakes on the big day.