Happy Friday Hatchbuckers! Here’s our small business picks of the week.


1. No, Gmails Promotions tab didn’t Just Kill Email Marketing by DJ Waldow

We have been getting a ton of questions about Gmails new tab for promotional emails. Waldow explains why this is not the death of email marketing and why it’s just too early to tell.



2. 8 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make by Ilya Pozin

As a small business, a lot of your livelihood relies on your website, whether you realize that or not. Pozin gives some good tips on what to avoid with your site.



3. 5 Ways to Measure Engagement of Your Business Website by Randy Milanovic

Engagement with your business can greatly indicate future sales… but how do you know if your audience is engaged with your website? Milanovic shares his concept here.