Once again, it’s Friday and that means it’s time for our small business articles of the week!

This week we found some great articles on customer service– something that all small business strive to do great!

Here’s our picks:

1. Does Social Media Equal Good Customer Service by Christianna Giordano

Social media can be a great way to have a direct link to your customer base. It can also be a place where customers turn to gripe about brands and companies. Giordano breaks this post into 2 sections–Pro Social Media and Pro Old School Customer Service.



2. 3 Ways CEOs Can Drive A Culture of Customer Success by Nick Mehta

Mehta points out something that pertains to all businesses– the excitement and celebration of achieving sales numbers. While this is exciting for any small business, it’s only the beginning of the customer’s journey. Here are some great points on how to  achieve a culture of customer success:



3.  Elevating Your Customer Service: Going Above and Beyond by Amy Kirkegaard

Kirkegaard has some great tips on how to keep your customers happy and returning for business!