Having a reliable and intuitive small business CRM is crucial. Small businesses typically have a limited team and resources, and a CRM is one simple tool that can help in numerous areas. To give your small business a competitive edge and outperform other brands in marketing, sales, pipeline management, and customer service, an effective CRM is what you need. 

The right CRM helps with more than just sales. It can clue you in on key insights about your specific consumers, allowing you to better understand their needs for more successful sales and service. It can also help guide your growth operations, giving you the data and confidence you need to take your small business to the next level.

Of course, the potential of your CRM is only as good as the platform itself. And for that reason, it pays to invest in a CRM that’s already proven itself as a winner when it comes to helping small businesses achieve their core customer-driven objectives. With that in mind, here are seven of 2020’s best small business CRMs, including what we like about them.

1. BenchmarkONE

Okay, fine, maybe we’re just a little bit biased, but we also have a front-row seat to all of the many ways that BenchmarkONEC’s RM has been able to help small business clients thrive in a range of competitive industries. We offer a simple solution to email marketing automation and task management, along with ways to capture leads on-site so you can add them to your drip campaigns. Our tool is backed by real-time insights and engagements — all of which help guarantee that every touchpoint you have with a prospect or customer is optimized for success.

Our favorite feature: It’s hard to choose, but we’re proud to be an industry leader in marketing and email automation, helping our clients make more impactful and more timely connections with their leads.

2. Agile CRM

The cloud-based Agile CRM platform provides tools for excelling in sales, marketing, and service, with integration-ready features that are easy to implement into your existing processes.

Our favorite feature: Agile lets you design your own gamified sales platform to motivate and incentivize your sales staff and easily track performance gains.

3. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a small business CRM that covers a large amount of ground, with clients in more than 180 countries. This international expertise can be an advantage if your business runs operations outside of the U.S. — or if your clients do.

Our favorite feature: Predictive AI that assigns scores to your leads based on how likely they are to close a deal with you.

4. Insightly

With Insightly, your team can efficiently organize each step of the marketing and sales process — including everything that happens after a pitch becomes a sale. It’s a good way to bring more continuity to your pipeline and to get a big picture view of each prospect starting on day one.

Our favorite feature: Insightly will automatically route your leads for you so that the right prospects end up with the right team members for their questions or broader needs.

5. Less Annoying CRM

If you’re looking for a streamlined, simple CRM platform, Less Annoying CRM may be able to deliver. Less Annoying CRM is entirely small business focused, meaning they don’t waste your time with bells and whistles that look good on paper but aren’t suited for your purposes.

Our favorite feature: Less Annoying CRM collaboration tools make it easy to keep your reps on the same page while also letting you dictate who has access to what, so you have complete control over what each of your team members’ dashboards look like.

6. Nimble

Nimble is a growth-focused CRM provider that promises a customizable experience for its users without the need for extensive setup. That’s a helpful advantage for small businesses, many of which don’t have the time or the power to devote to getting their CRM up and running.

Our favorite feature: The “Today” page, a dashboard feature that gives you everything you need to know about a day’s goals, wins, and to-dos in one spot.

7. Monday.com

There’s a lot of automation baked into Monday.com, and all of it can help your small business work smarter and faster. And in addition to sales and marketing, the CRM also helps you find more efficiency in other departments, such as HR, IT, and even software development.

Our favorite feature: Monday.com’s pipeline management tool, which offers an intuitive interface for doing everything from planning out and assigning content to quickly viewing the current status of every task.

As you might have noticed, the best small business CRMs share a lot of the same features, and they’re great for a lot of the same reasons. And that’s okay! We recommend using this list to narrow down your options, using platform specifics, pricing, and capabilities to hone in on the CRM platform that meets your particular needs.

Get in touch with us today for a quick demo of our BenchmarkONE CRM, and discover why working with one of the best in the business is always the way to go.