At Hatchbuck, we love our Hatchbuckers (also known as customers). They keep us running and are always giving us amazing feedback on how to create a better product. For any small business, your customers should be your number 1 concern. It took a lot of time and effort for you to sell your customers in the first place. You should also put stress on keeping those customers happy.

Our best of small business articles are all focused on the customer this week! Enjoy and have a great weekend! 🙂

1. How ‘Customer Healthy’ Are you? 4 Questions by Don P.

At Hatchbuck, our “customer health” is very important to us. Keeping your customers happy and having a consistent strategy in your customer service responses, is crucial to any business. Ask yourself the 4 questions here to see how your customer health is!


2. 5 Considerations for your Customer Rewards Program by Colin Shaw

Sticking with our customer theme today… here’s some points to consider for your customer rewards program. Your customers are THE most important aspect of your business (after all, without them, where would you be?). Let them know that by rewarding them.


3. How to Create Customer Loyalty by Frank Lio

Getting customers is one big hurdle for a small business, and keeping them is another. Read Lio’s tips on how to create customer loyalty.!