Events can be a huge lead source, but statistics show that more than half of trade show leads are not followed up on. If you have ever worked a trade show, you can see how this is easy. People show their “interest” by dropping off their business cards, and you get your “leads” from the e-mail list that the event producer gives to everyone. This causes a few issues:

  1.  A lot of leads, but not really interested ones
  2.  Too many leads to follow up with individually
  3.  How do you tell who is interested?

Well, you can call or email each contact individually or plug the whole list into an e-mail marketing software and send an e-blast OR you can have the contacts who are interested enter themselves into a database and then be able to track who is interested while having the Hatchbuck software follow up with them automatically. Here is how Hatchbuck can make lead generation at trade shows much, much simpler:

1. Have the leads enter themselves!

Using an online form, open on a blank landing page, interested booth visitors can fill out a form, which will enter their information straight into your database. You can even go a step further and include options in the form so that you can identify which products or services that the contact is interested in. You can also send them an auto-responder email or automated multi-step marketing campaign. Make sure that you offer something of value to help entice attendees to sign up




2. Communicate with them automatically

Because Hatchbuck can automate your marketing, you won’t have to worry about following up with each individual prospect. Hatchbuck has the ability to track interest and create tasks for you to follow up with only the most interested prospects.


3. Have prospects segment themselves

The Hatchbuck software has the ability to track when a contact clicks on any link within an email. Then, you can take it further by setting actions on that link click. For example, you can say when a contact clicks on a link in your “Wine Monthly” newsletter about white wine, have Hatchbuck tag them with “white wine” and then send them an email, your “white wine coupon.”

Now, instead of having to tackle the whole list yourself post-event, you can sit back, relax and let Hatchbuck do it for you.