I love when we find other articles that share our thoughts about e-mail marketing strategy! Here are some really great ones that I came across this week and wanted to share with our readers.

1. ‘The Surprising Secret to Getting Your Emails Read’ by Drake Baer at Fast Company:

At Systematic Revenue, we always tell our clients to put the most relevant information at the top of your e-mail. This article puts a very interesting spin on that strategy!


2. ‘3 Overlooked Aspects of Automated Messages’ by Daniel Burstein at Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa always has the BEST email marketing advice. This chart is a great example of how businesses use automated e-mails and describes the ways that they are missing out on opportunities as well.


3.’Email Marketing: How to Maintain Low Opt-Out Rates’ by info@meclabs.com (b2b Roundtable Blog)

This is all around great advice. Brian Carroll gives some good advice on why people opt- out of lists.