Lasso_COnce a month, we try to compile a few articles related to email marketing or small business that we want to share with our readers. Here is this month’s e-mail marketing Roundup!


1. 10 Ways to Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing by Jeff Bullas

We love email and we love social media. At Hatchbuck, we are firm believers that to get the best responses and help grow your email list and social following, you need to integrate the 2 together. Bullas gives some great pointers here on how to do so.


2. Why You Should Use a Strategy for your B2B Email Marketing by Marc Bergers

Great points on how and why to develop a strategy for your email marketing for your small business.


3. Email Marketing: change in incentive offer causes a 25% increase in email subscribers in one day for nonprofit by Courtney Eckerle

Lead bait is a big factor in the amount of subscribers you will receive. This is a great case study on how adjusting your incentive offer can increase subscribers.