As a small business, your biggest focus is often on growth. A fast, but manageable, rate of growth is vital to the life of your business. With email marketing, you can grow your customer base and easily keep nurturing your new leads even past the conversion.

Here are five ways to use email software for fast and reliable growth.

1. Differentiate Your Recipient Lists

Your audience wants personalization, so use your email software to define your various leads. By establishing differences and marketing based on defining factors, you will better appeal to specific groups within your contact list. You can break your marketing efforts down by factors such as:

  • Location
  • Reason for signing up
  • Point in sales funnel
  • Recently viewed items
  • Recently purchased items
  • Position (decision maker, influencer, key stakeholder, etc.)
  • Duration of loyalty (years, months, number of purchases, etc.)
  • Types of purchase (new or high-end, vs deals or cost-effective)

These are just a few examples of how you can establish various groups within your contacts list. You can then address those groups with emails that work to improve loyalty, engage new leads, encourage related purchases or offer support for recent purchases. Your content can be created specifically for certain groups within your list, making it much easier to brainstorm relevant content.

2. Specify Your Goals

You need to create a marketing strategy that includes very specific growth goals in relation to your segmented lists. Are you focusing on increasing email recipients for your list or improving the flow of new visitors to your website? Perhaps you need to focus more on getting and retaining followers on your social media pages. Whatever your business needs for better growth, you have to be specific and focused. We call these SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Don’t let unspecified goals, like “grow more” or “increase revenue,” waste your time.

When you set a SMART goal, it will also be beneficial to create a game plan to achieve your goals. Break your goals down until you have monthly, weekly and daily targets. Allow your goals to even dictate what kinds of content you will post, where you will publish that content and who you will be targeting. Place all of your upcoming company events, goal milestones, content deadlines and holidays onto a physical calendar so you can see how they all relate and support one another for a strong marketing scheme.

3. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

If your sending stagnant information without any direction for the recipient, you are missing out on a huge opportunity that results in achieving your email marketing goals. Your CTAs guide your contacts through the sales funnel and give purpose to your nurturing campaigns. As you set specific growth goals, align your CTAs to match. For example, offer a deal for the next purchase to drive sales or ask recipients to follow your brand on social media. Include one directive on each page or email to keep things simple for your audience and to easily measure the email’s success. Consider using custom-made buttons for a more polished look.

4. Anchor the Page with Images

Without something to captivate your readers attention, you end up with a lot of unread content. Use images that are professional, beautiful and interesting. Your audience is visually driven and much more likely to read content if your headlines and images are appealing to them. Don’t forget to keep your images compressed so your emails don’t take a long time to load.

5. Format for Mobile

Most users today are reading emails from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This means you no longer know what format your emails will be read in. Always have your emails formatted with responsive design so they can appropriately adjust to the screen of each user. Users don’t want to mess around with scrolling and zooming to read your content.

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