Happy Friday, Hatchbuckers! We have our weekly roundup of “best of small business” articles this week. This week’s focus is entrepreneurs and start up companies.

1. ‘What do Failed Startups Have in Common?’ by Erin Griffith

Griffith points out common threads in failed start ups. Are you guilty of any of these at your small business?



2. ‘6 Suggestions for an Aspiring Founder’ by Joel Gascoigne

Gascoigne has some great advice here for any start up company or small business.



3.  ’10 of the Most Counter-intuitive Pieces of Advice From Famous Entrepreneurs’ by Belle Beth Cooper

I absolutely love this article. Just because you want to go against the grain– that doesn’t mean you will fail! Look at these successful entrepreneurs who give their advice, which is a bit different than the norm!



Do you have any thoughts or advice on start ups and what helps them succeed or causes them to fail? Leave your comments below!