Hey guess what! You can reuse your content and actually you should reuse your content.

Creating content sometimes can seem like climbing Mount Everest to a small business marketer. Most likely, on top of creating content, you are doing a zillion other things. So, when you sit down to write and know you need stuff to market across your blog, email, social and direct mail channels, you might feel a tad overwhelmed.

Here are a couple of easy ways to save time and don’t let that already-created content go to waste:

1. Re-post old blogs across your social channels

When blogs have been sitting on your site for a while, most likely people aren’t going to your blog archives to read them. A couple of times a week, take good, old blogs and re-post them across your social channels as archived blogs, retro blogs, a blast from the past or whatever you would like to call them!

This helps you drive some traffic back to your website/blog and gets that old content some love.


2. Blogs are great email content

Many marketers stress over great email copy. While your email content and subject line are SUPER important, remember that you most likely already have blogs that can educate your prospects on the same topic.

Because no one likes to read copy-heavy emails, keep it short and sweet. Introduce your topic and link back to your blog.

Again, this achieves the goal of getting your email recipients to click through and go to your website (who knows, maybe they will look around and actually be interested in your business) and it’s also a great use of those great, older blogs that are just sitting around, waiting to get read.


3. Turn your blogs into longer pieces

Blogs tend to be shorter and focused on points (notice my 3 points here!), but they are a GREAT starting point for longer pieces like eBooks or whitepapers.

You should have some sort of statistics on your blog to know which topics have been the most popular. Take your most popular blogs and use them as a starting place for a longer, education piece that can be used as incentive for filling out a contact capture form. (How do I do this?)

Now, you are not only finding a creative way to use that already-created content, but you are (hopefully) capturing some new leads with it!


See– super easy and resourceful!