There are many advantages to working for a small business. With Thanksgiving in a few days and Small Business Saturday this weekend, it got us thinking about why we should be grateful to work for a small business:


If you need a day off, most likely, you can take it. The flexible schedule of working at a small business is one of the biggest perks.

Your Co-Workers

Whether you are the owner or an employee, you get a say in new hires and the people that work around you. The people you spend such a great amount of time with, can greatly impact your day. By surrounding yourself with people that are intelligent and that get along with you, you can ensure a more positive working environment.

Customer Relationships

Big businesses don’t have the bond with customers that small businesses do. You get to listen to your customer’s suggestions and actually put them into play. Small businesses thrive on the customer relationship and it’s what makes doing business with a small business so unique.

There are so, so many more benefits to working and shopping small. Let us know your favorite part of working at or owning a small business!