You’ve got ten minutes to “wow” a prospect and convert them into a customer. Here’s how to craft a dazzling pitch.

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

Technical details are boring. Do you really know how exactly a remote works? All you know is that you can flip the channel from the comfort of your couch without putting down your chips. That’s the benefit.

Think about your product or service’s features and then consider what benefits they offer to a customer. Focus on those in order to tell a compelling story.

Connect With Your Prospect

Who is your prospect? Are they a mother or father? A student? A small business owner? A frequent traveler? Connect with their pain points and present what you’re selling as a solution.

How can your app help a parent? Does it help them organize their calendar and liaise with people like teachers, daycare workers, and a second parent more easily? Does your app help a student stay on top of their budget? Does it allow a traveler to find not only cheap flights, but cheap bus tickets, accommodations, and restaurants as well?

You should have several buyer personas for your product and tailor your pitches accordingly.

Write an Intriguing Hook

Don’t let anyone tune you out. Lead with an intriguing hook.

How do you write one of these? By thinking about three things:

  •       A common, frustrating problem your customer has
  •       What your product/service does differently to solve it
  •       Emotional desires/aspirations

For example:

A travel company: Wanna see the world on less than two months of rent?

A health and fitness company: Here’s how you can hit your goal weight while eating whatever you want.

A web design company: Wouldn’t you like a website that matches the professionalism of your business?

Validate Your Claims

Bring some stats or hard facts to back up what you say. Now, this doesn’t mean you bore your listener to death with numbers. Instead, lend credibility to those benefits you talk about.

So, your web design firm increases the professionalism of the person’s business? This is something that is a) beneficial and b) appeals to a business owner’s ambitions and sense of pride. But how can you prove that you do this?

Show a prospect how sales went up for a recent client after you revamped their website. If you’re just starting out, find statistics on how a clean, user-friendly website increases a business’s chances of converting leads.

Ask For What You Want

Don’t chicken out at the end. You have to make it clear that you’re looking to book a consultation, schedule a demo, or even put the prospect down for a few orders right then and there. It’s as simple as saying:

“I can get you in for a demo as early as tomorrow. What does your week look like?”

“Can I put you down for five bottles to start?”

“Why don’t you come in for a consultation with Delia on Tuesday? She’s our best trainer, and only comes in once a week.”

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

The art of the follow up is vastly underrated. A prospect may seem uninterested when in reality they’re just mulling things over. If you actively continue the conversation, you can answer any questions that have cropped up since the last time you spoke.

An interested prospect may want to pursue the relationship or come in for a consultation but never get around to calling you back. Don’t let these opportunities slip through the cracks.

Don’t Forget To Spell Check Those Emails

When you’re sending your pitches via email (or following up) be sure to spell check and get the person’s name right. A sloppy email leaves the impression that a prospect is one of many, and that is not what good customer relationships are built on.

Put time and care into drafting your sales pitches so that you can boost your numbers and treat yourself to a nice vacation at the end of the year.