Capturing website visitors is a vital part of the marketing process. While capturing the information to start with is key, after that, many people get stuck at a standstill. They come in through an online form and then they just sit in your database.

This is what’s clogging your marketing funnel– all of those leads and no place to go. The answer: email nurturing. Here are some tips to help your funnel flow freely:


Include forms on your site to find out what people are interested in


Because the contact is able to identify what exactly they want to receive using a form like this one, you should be able to send them exactly the information that they want to receive. From here I would simply include them in any multi-step campaigns or email sends related to their interests.


Not every lead that comes in is the same.

If they filled out a form like “request a demo now” or “get a proposal”, something that signals they are serious buyers, you should have a task triggered to call them. Anyone else should be started on a drip email marketing campaign.

First, you want to think about which form that they filled out. Let’s say a contact fills out a form for a white paper about social media marketing on Hatchbuck’s site. I should identify that they came in from that specific form and are interested in social media marketing.

From there, I am able to send them information that they are interested in. It’s appropriate to include a sales email with a call to action occasionally– no more often than every 4th email.


Keep track of your campaigns

Just having your contacts on a campaign will do you no better than just having them sitting in your database. You should be able to track and set actions based on behavior.

For example, using the social media campaign example from above– let’s say I start a contact on a 12 step year long social media related campaign. Within that campaign, I would expect that the contact is most likely to click on only social media related links, not my call to action emails.

However, if the contacts clicks a call to action email or visits a page like “buy now” or “pricing” on my website– I should be notified because this signals to me that the contact has a higher interest level.

Email nurturing campaigns can be a huge help to your sales and marketing process. By starting your contacts on an automated campaign, you don’t have to worry about all of the leads that you are missing out on and can just focus on those who are ready to buy now.