Many people and businesses have written off Google+ as their social media marketing network of choice. This is understandable, looking at how big networks like Facebook and Twitter are.

That said, Google+ has some real advantages that can help your small business— so don’t write it off yet!

1. Google+ allows you to focus your marketing on specific segments using “circles”

You can share posts with specific “circles.” Businesses might have different circles for people interested in different products or services that they offer, or maybe you have a circle just for referral sources. This way you can share your updates with the most relevant segments.

2. Web pages that have been +1’d (basically the equivalent of “liking” something on Facebook) by users in your circles will get bumped up in your search results

This is great for your business if people within your network +1 your webpages or blog posts.

3. Businesses that have a Google plus page will show up higher than those who do not.

This pretty much speaks for itself. It’s always a bonus to show up higher in search results. If adding the content that you are already producing to your G+ page is all you need to do to get an SEO boost, it seems like an easy decision.

4. Use the Google Hangout feature

This is a great alternative to something like Skype and it has more of a group feel to it. For example, you could host a Google Hangout Q & A about your industry. You can also use Google hangouts to reach out to remotely working employees.