Partner Onboarding - BenchmarkONE

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Partner Quickstart Checklist

Getting started doesn’t have to be a headache! We’ve compiled a list of four easy steps to help jump start your BenchmarkONE success.

  • Hooray! It’s time to get started. First things first, make sure to get your accounts activated. Be on the lookout for a message from Katie, BenchmarkONE’s Partner Success Manager. This email will include important information and the links to activate your first two client accounts.
  • Once you’ve successfully logged into those accounts, be sure to head to Account Settings and change the username and password for each.
Tip: As you add accounts, be sure to use the same email address to quickly toggle between those through our single sign on feature
  • Schedule a meeting with your Partner Success Manager to start learning the ins and outs of BenchmarkONE features and how you can best use your Partner Accounts.
  • Review BenchmarkONE’s overview videos here to familiarize yourself with everything BenchmarkONE has to offer.
  • Tip: Prefer to learn at your own pace? Check out the BenchmarkONE Partner Help Deck as well as our Partner Resource Center.
  • Demo: Set up your demo account to showcase BenchmarkONE’s features to your prospects. Most partners set up their demo account as a fictional business; to avoid housing real data where prospects will see it. This demo account will also give you access to your Partner Portal, which is where you can sign up new client accounts. Check out this article for more details.
  • Co-brand Default: This account is a master template that will be duplicated into new client accounts. Anything that is put into this account will be added into any new account you sign up. This could be contact statuses, deal stages, tags, custom fields, email templates, campaigns or forms. The possibilities are endless! Learn more about your partner accounts here.
  • Template Library: The Template Library Account is your designated content creation center. The email templates you create in this account will fill out your clients’ pre-designed templates folder (and remove BenchmarkONE’s pre-designed templates) – which can be continuously updated! Learn more here .
  • Tip: In addition to your marketing tools, pay close attention to customizations!
  • Check out our database duplication feature. This can save tons of time by quickly adding content or customizations to one or several client accounts at once!
  • Learn about extending your services with BenchmarkONE.
  • Are you ready to reach BenchmarkONE customers looking for expert marketing services? Create your Agency Directory Listing
  • Ready to grow your bundle and sign new clients? Learn more here.