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Christine Brett

Director, Digital Strategy @ GPrX Data
We have seen a dramatic rise in our open rates-from 15% to 40% since using BenchmarkONE. We now have better insights into what our prospects and customers are doing so we can be more personal and engaging during and after the sales process with them.

What challenges were you facing prior to using BenchmarkONE?

Our team was using a DIY system put together with a myriad of tools: Outlook, Google Analytics and spreadsheets. Our challenge was to find a way to engage with customers more efficiently.

We were looking for a marketing automation platform for a while and evaluated tools like Hubspot and others, but we found they were too costly and took a lot of effort to get up and running. We also looked into building a system internally.  But when we found BenchmarkONE during our research, it had everything we needed for our business in one platform. We knew we had just found the solution to solve our challenges at GPrX Data.

What was it like getting Marketing Automation set up for your business?

Getting up and running on BenchmarkONE was a breeze. We were able to import our list and set it up to meet our business needs. The automation was straight forward and since we already classified our contacts in our sales process, segmentation in the system was super easy – helping us to begin emailing prospects and customers right away. A BIG plus.

We have used other systems in the past but none come with the responsiveness that the team at BenchmarkONE brings. My dedicated onboarding specialist, Lindsey, has been superb. Any time I have a question or I am looking for tips on how to use BenchmarkONE to meet my goals, she is always there to help. The online knowledgebase has been a huge help, too.

Also, by going through the unique, personalized onboarding process at BenchmarkONE, it has helped us to rethink how we onboard on own customers as well. Lindsey and your support team has been fantastic.

What are the features you like most about BenchmarkONE?

When I talk to other businesses about marketing automation it typically scares them off because they have this preconceived notion that it’s some robotic form of marketing or communication with their contacts. What I have found using BenchmarkONE is it is just the opposite effect. There are a number of features that we love and that have allowed us to be much more personal and responsive to our leads and customers.

The email campaigns are easy to set up and I like that I can send out 200 emails and the person on the receiving end feels it was written just for them. I recently had a conversation with a prospect who received an email from a nurturing campaign and he told me “I thought that email was only sent to me.” What stopped me from using marketing automation before was a lack of personalization and with BenchmarkONE’s intelligent email campaigns you can send behavioral based communication to all of your contacts.

Also, we love using the webforms. Setting up a webform on our site in BenchmarkONE is simple and helps us to drive downloads and opportunities instantly. We use webforms in a variety of places to grow our database and drive more leads, without having to get our IT team involved.

I would also say the webpage tracking is another great feature in BenchmarkONE. It has helped us gain insight on our website visitors and have better conversations with our prospects. We go to a lot of conferences and tools like webpage tracking helps us find the most qualified and engaged sales opportunities.

I was recently at a trade show and was able to look up someone in BenchmarkONE that I hadn’t met prior to the event.  I noticed he had visited our website and clicked on a number of the emails I had sent him. By having insights into Bill’s activity, my conversation with him was more informed and personal than I could have ever had before. It turned the discussion from what I wanted to sell him to what was most important to him.

What specific problems has BenchmarkONE solved that other or small businesses might be able to relate to?

There is a time and place for general email newsletters, but personally, I believe people respond better to personal communication. Rather than sending our entire list all of our content, with BenchmarkONE we are able to segment out our contacts and drip the right content they are interested in receiving.

While we originally purchased BenchmarkONE to help us on the lead generation/management side of the business – and it is working great for that, we have also found BenchmarkONE to be invaluable on the customer side as well. As our customers engage with our emails we are able send them valuable info ongoing based on their stage in the onboarding process and matched to their specific needs.

Overall BenchmarkONE has helped me refine our process of how we engage with prospects and customers in a more personal way. Which I love, because now we are able to promote our brand and our products in a much more tailored fashion.

What measurable results have you seen since you started using BenchmarkONE?

We have seen a dramatic rise in our open rates – from 15% to 40% since using BenchmarkONE. We now have better insights into what our prospects and customers are doing so we can be more personal and engaging during and after the sales process with them.

We were also able to bring together our process and DIY tools into one software platform saving us valuable time and resources.

Lastly I would say that BenchmarkONE has enabled us to elicit better feedback from our users and that’s key to growing our business and delivering the right software for our customers. Before it was uncomfortable trying to elicit customer feedback, but now we are getting really positive customer response from our users by leveraging the simple email campaigns within BenchmarkONE.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend BenchmarkONE?

I would share that the personal level of service is head and shoulders above any of the other systems I have used. The BenchmarkONE team is friendly, responsive and always finds a way to solve my challenges. In this technology world we live in today, people still do business with people. With BenchmarkONE you don’t just get a faceless piece of software. You get an easy to set up and use tool that is supported by a great team – passionate about helping you succeed.

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